NKB Cover


Nailangs Keyboard (a.k.a NKB) silicone cover is designed to enable identifying letters and keys that are particular to NAILANGS keyboard and aid typing Nigerian languages correctly when a computer desktop is in NAILANGS keyboard’s mode..

NKB Silicone cover on a keyboard 1

Benefits of NKB (Nailangs Keyboards) silicone cover

• Simple and easy to use; just place the cover on your keyboard, adjust and ensure the Q key of the cover aligns with your computer's, and you are ready to go!

• It's soft to touch and it protects a keyboard from dust, moisture and liquid spillage, thereby prolonging the life of a computer keyboard

• It’s easy to clean - remove and wash with warm water and mild soap

• It's made from flexible and durable high quality silicone