Are designed to enable TYPING at least 12 Nigerian languages correctly using correct letters and tone marks (which are the hallmarks of these languages!)
Type it right! Type it correctly; Type it with NAILANGS Keyboard!
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Nailangs Keyboards' now available in all operating systems including:

Android | Windows | iPhone | MacOS

One nation, many languages, one keyboard!

Up until now, Nigerians have had to type their languages using English keyboards, which do not have many important letters of these languages. Also, as these languages are tonal languages, using English keyboards make it difficult most times to have instant understanding of what’s been written and guesswork (or guess word) rather become the norm! But no more! With NKB (Nailangs Keyboards), readers are able to understand what's been written in their languages instantly. Also, as most Nigerians are bilingual and Nailangs keyboards enable typing many of these languages, thereby promoting their bilingualism. NKB therefore, enable and support Nigerians to communicate in their own unique ways using 21st century tools, computer!


The concept for NAILANGS came about when our founder could not find a computer keyboard to type Yorùbá, her language with! This inability to find a computer keyboard to type both her nation’s official language (English) and her native language (Yorùbá) inspired the creation of NAILANGS keyboards


The purpose of NAILANGS KEYBOARD is to enable typing Nigerian languages using the 21st century technology, computer. It is to provide Nigeria with her own computer keyboards to type many of her languages using actual keys and tone marks specific to these languages


Unique designs that enable typing multiple languages on a single computer keyboard. Availability of correct and right letters and tone marks that are specific and peculiar to these languages. Versatile and ‘normal’ looking everyday keyboard

Language options

NAILANGS Keyboards support typing at least 12 Nigerian languages correctly using  actual keys and tone marks for these languages which are not accessible in English keyboards